Underfloor Heating

Feel the difference, with energy efficient underfloor heating systems to suit any type of property.


Many of our clients often tell us how they couldn’t imagine living without underfloor heating ever again.

It’s a well-known fact that underfloor heating is a more comfortable heating solution, owing to its more even heat distribution – but it is also much safer and healthier than radiators too. Exposed hot surfaces are hidden; potential dust traps are removed; and draughts and cold spots are often completely eliminated.

Warm Floors

Underfloor heating systems simply feel more comfortable, not just underfoot but in generally eliminating the typical draughts and cold spots so typical of traditional radiator systems. Heat is radiated gently and evenly from the full floor surface.

Greater Efficiency

Because heat is distributed more evenly than conventional radiator systems, warm water underfloor heating can operate on far lower temperatures whilst heating a much larger surface area more effectively. Expect to see increased efficiency of around 25%.

Hidden & Safe

Often overlooked; underfloor heating systems are essentially ‘invisible’ since the majority of the system is buried beneath the floor. This helps to make use of valuable wall spaces that would have otherwise been taken up with a radiator. There are no sharp edges to come in to contact with, and no hot pipes exposed.

We’ve got it covered

Our professional heating engineers can install systems for any project and any requirements, regardless of the size.

Our work is fully guaranteed

Our team of over 30 experts have provided countless London homes and businesses with professional underfloor heating systems for over 20 years. We take great pride in our workmanship no matter the scale of project, providing our clients with complete peace of mind each and every time.

We understand that taking the decision to let someone work on your property is not one taken lightly. As approved flooring specialists, our team must attend several demanding courses to gain accreditation, with their workmanship frequently inspected and verified by independent organisations and governing bodies. We are fully insured and also offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all of our work – setting the gold standard in screed flooring and underfloor heating.

As you would expect, we’re fully insured and also offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

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