Liquid Screed

Our pumpable screeds are quick drying and self-leveling, which makes them a perfect partner for under-floor heating.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a cost-effective, efficient way to heat any building. We offer systems for new builds and renovation projects.

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Smooth & warmfloors?


Your feet will thank you.

Smooth flooring solutions are our specialty. Our experts can supply and install superior liquid screed floors to any building, and take care of your underfloor heating system as part of the same project.

All good homes start with a great floor…

Our free-flowing screed will completely cover a floor, including all those hard to reach places, to create a uniform, durable surface to provide a great foundation for everything else in the room.

Speedy Installation

Our high-end screed equipment paired with our professional workforce means we can cover up to 2000 square metres of floor surface per day – several times faster than conventional methods. Our high-strength screed products are self-compacting and can be dry in just 48 hours.

Complete Solution

Our heating engineers can provide you with a complete flooring solution from start to finish, with high-performance underfloor heating systems included as part of a project. Keep everything simple and straightforward with one point of contact, reducing the complexity of managing multiple engineers and to keep your project running on time.

Ultimate Comfort

Screed, when paired with thermal insulation and underfloor heating systems, can effectively act as a large radiator and often be one of the most economic and comfortable floor covering systems available for any building. Your feet will love you for it.

Wet Screed London. We’ve got it covered.